• Business and Economics Teacher

      • Mr. Richard Heider is an experience business men and economist teaching AS and A Level ‘Business (9609)’ and ‘Economics (9708)’ in 11th and 12th grade.

        Richard Heider from Germany joined CSRIS in March 2018 as a substitute teacher for the A-Level “Business” Course. He was so impressed with the positive atmosphere at the school, the studiousness of the CSRIS students and the practicability of the Cambridge Business Curriculum, that he offered to stay as a full time teacher for Business and Economics.

    • 30 years of business experience

    • Mr. Richard is a business man from Munich, Bavaria with 30 years of experience in the food, quick-service-restaurants and dairy industry. He sold his € 40 million dairy wholesale in 2004. After that he worked in site development for the leading global sandwich fast food chain, analyzing new sites and facilitating new locations in Germany.

      When moving to Kyrgyzstan he successfully started a marketing agency and a fashion label. He successfully marketed IT and technological products for a European hardware distributor with HQ in Germany. 

      Starting 2010 he started studying new techniques of entrepreneurship and the art of opening a business with little capital, substituting money with smart organization and outsourcing - based on the model of Professor Günter Faltin, a German economist and entrepreneur teaching at the Free University of Berlin.

      He started teaching as a side project in 2001 when he was compiling and hosting an internet training program with the acclaimed Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Development in Dillingen, Bavaria, Germany. Over the years other education related projects followed.

      Now, for the second half of his life, Mr. Richard decided to shift his focus on supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

      “During my career I has applied every bit of knowledge of the Cambridge Business Curriculum”, explains Mr. Richard. “Now it is time for me to pass on that experience and help the students to connect their school knowledge with real life.”

      Along with teaching Economics, Mr. Richard is very interested in Money Theory and the idea of complementary currencies, prominently propagated by Bernard Lietaer. His specialty is Macro Economics.

      In his free time he engages in Social Activities by organizing various Expat Networking Events. He also operates the well known Event and Mailings list portal bubble.kg, which connects the international english speaking community in Bishkek.